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In 2013, over $53,000 was raised through this program. The Orange County International Auto Show - one of the top shows in the 
country. The Mazda Raceway Simulator at the OC Auto Show. The Savanna High School Wrestling Team (Anaheim, CA) receiving their fundraising check from Hardin Honda. Bumblebee from Transformers at the OC Auto Show. The Ford EcoBoost Simulator at the OC Auto Show. Camp Jeep at the OC Auto Show. Hank the Ford Robot at the OC Auto Show.



See What Our Participants are Saying

“After spending years of selling cookie dough, it was nice to have a fundraiser that appealed to the whole family. The dads, uncles and grandfathers especially enjoyed it. We plan to do it again and anticipate an even greater response and higher profit. We earned over $2000 to help send students to Outdoor Science Camp.”

Connie Smith, Principal
La Veta Elementary, 6th Grade Outdoor Science Camp

“The Auto Show has truly been a partner in helping our school provide the absolute best for our students. The funds we raised provided athletic equipment, field trips, band supplies and covered a host of other materials and activities to benefit our school.”

Joe Carmona, Principal
Sycamore Jr. High School

“We found it easy to implement with our players and a great way to raise money. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds went to our program, which is unique among fundraising opportunities.”

Glenn Frank, Booster Club Board Member
Newport Harbor High School Boys Lacrosse Team


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OC Auto Show Student Fundraising Program

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